Celebrating 10 years on the web

Though the actual birth date of the World Wide Web was some years earlier, many people think of 1995 as the year that the web phenomenon was born. Thanks to the development of a user-friendly graphical web browser called Netscape (offspring of Mosaic), that year saw the beginning of the Internet’s explosive growth into the mainstream medium it is today.

It also happens to be the year I graduated from high school. And 1995 was the year I, like many other Net junkies, first got serious about the web. (For the record, my first exposure to the web came in the summer of 1994 at Northwestern University, where I encountered a version of Mosaic running on a Mac, and I was fiddling around with HTML by that fall).

Anyway, I mention all this now because I was doing a little reminiscing today, thanks to the folks at Yahoo. In a fun little Flash retrospective, Yahoo revisits 100 memorable icons and events from the first 10 years of the web, including the infamous dancing baby, the Pets.com sock puppet and Dotcomguy.